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Coit Tower (Abby Kane FBI Thriller, #5)

Coit Tower (Abby Kane FBI Thriller, #5) - Ty Hutchinson The final installment in the Abbey Kane Chasing Chinatown trilogy. The second book in the trilogy ended with Abby being the single attraction in the trilogy. That meant that all the teams operating around the world had only one last contract killing left in order to win the $10,000,000.

So, I was expecting a vibrant and intrigue laden finale to the trilogy. The first couple of chapters met my expectations. The remainder of the book reverted to the tried and true format of the previous books. I felt a bit disappointed but I may have had unrealistic expectations.

Overall, I enjoyed the finale. Ty is an accomplished author. I have read everything he has published. He generally writes fun, tongue in cheek stories that delve into the emotion and personalities of the characters. This book showed me that he can also write hard based characters as he shows in the first few chapters of the book. I will continue to search out all future works by Mr. Hutchinson. I truly enjoy the way he writes.