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Crash (Crash, #1)

Crash (Crash, #1) - Michael    Robertson I read this novella in a single evening. Then I came to Amazon to leave a review and was shocked at how many one and two star reviews I found. I read a few and came to the conclusion that those reviewers are simply horror adverse, expect too much from a novella, or have weak stomachs. So I ignored them as prospective readers should also do.

As I said, this is a novella. Consequently do not expect the deep development of characters or multiple plot lines. There is simply not sufficient real estate for that. I personally thought that Mr. Robertson successfully generated a few characters that resonate and will transfer into future installments very well. The plot line for this novella was well described and I could visualize just about all scenes. I liked that this edition of the novella contained an epilogue which provided closure but left open serial editions.

Any future readers should also read the introduction by the author. He lays out his political and moral positions. The basis of this novella, and I presume subsequent installments will follow his persuasions. While I do not completely agree with his opinions, I was happy to note that he did not go overboard in trying to preach to the reader. He is entitled to his opinions and has generated a thought provoking novella for you. Yes it is gory and cruel with difficult scenes to write. Just keep in mind that this is fiction - well written fiction. Give it a try - it is only about 100 pages so you have very little to lose and much to gain.