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Extraordinary Retribution

Extraordinary Retribution - Erec Stebbins I have read several other books by this talented writer and was not disappointed by this book. This story is an almost non-stop action adventure. It is a pure adrenaline rush from cover to cover. There is a bit of a political bent to this story which may bother some people. The story casts a bad light on the federal government and the clandestine doings of the CIA. My opinion is that the author is sending a subtle message that the current administration is acting in a secretive manner in which this type of action is possible. This book may be a treatise that the federal government has become totally non-transparent and the American people need to understand that. Again, this is what I got from the book and may not be the intention of the author.

A bit of a warning to those squeamish readers - there is a fair amount of gore and graphic violence. To be fair to the author, the violence is important to fully develop the "Wraith" character. We gain an insight into the thoughts of this "bad" character which is the driving influence in the story. You hopefully will be disturbed by this evil character but you will slowly learn and understand his mission.

The bad aside, let's look at the other characters. It is a bit amazing that the author can generate such action and a evil character while developing a number of other characters that get the reader rooting strongly for their roles in the story.

I enjoyed the pace and writing style. If you enjoy fast paced books with extreme action, this book is for you.