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Kaplan's Quest

Kaplan's Quest - Richard Steinitz Kaplan's Quest is nothing like a traditional book. Instead, it is a narration of a quest by a Jewish man to investigate family history of those lost during the second world war. The story evolves as Samuel (Shmulik)digs deeper and ultimately finds a story of twelve Jewish athletes that went missing during the start of WWII.

This is an interesting story in which Samuel (and the reader) learns about a period almost lost to us that did not live through it. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the characters and the story. This is not a literary masterpiece rather, it is a down to earth story of what is real life, written by a very talented author about meaningful relations in life. As such, it screams out for 5 stars. While I am at it, here is a plug for the author's first book, read Murder Over the Border. I promise you will also enjoy that book about life within Israel.