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One Kick

One Kick - Chelsea Cain I thoroughly enjoyed the Heartsick series with Gretchen and Archie. I welcomed another series hoping that Ms Cain could keep up the intensity. So, how did she do?

Ms Cain has chosen the topic of child pornography and molestation as the new vehicle in her series. A bit of a tricky subject matter since she needs to strike a balance between descriptions of activities and the intensity surrounding those activities. In this book, the author has done a decent job in addressing the sensitivity of the subject. She has created a new set of two primary characters that each have a direct tie to the subject matter.

Initially, I was a bit letdown with the new series. Don't let that initial feeling adversely affect your approach to the book. It will grow on you and you will find your enjoyment growing. I highly recommend this book and will be in line for her next