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History of China - The Secrets Of The Forbidden City

History of China - The Secrets Of The Forbidden City - Chris Diamond Other reviewers have focused on the spelling issues, grammar, and weird usage of particular wordings. That is all true but I don't want to belabor the same shortcomings.

I did not like the book hence the 2 star rating. The author provided the book in exchange for a review. However, the author also asked that the readers contact him directly instead of leaving a negative review. That is not haw the review system should work so I am leaving this review.

To give the author credit - there does seem to be a great deal of research into the history. However, the centuries of history cannot be put down on paper in a novella format - simply too complex a span of time and subject matter not to mention the complexity of the country, its language and culture. The thought I had while reading this was that I was reading the notes of a high school history class that was being taught by Sgt. Friday of Dragnet fame. There is no depth of story.

I wish the author better luck next time.