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Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann

Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann - D. Lawrence- Young I was too young to grasp the Eichman trial when it occurred. I had a minimal awareness of the nastiness imposed on the world by this person. I was delighted to come upon this work of historical fiction in order to understand the horrors of this man.

I was surprised that this book minimally addressed what Eichman did during the war. Instead, we are treated to the story of what Israel did to kidnap Eichman and bring him to Israel for trial. I did not find any specific character or event to be awe inspiring. I found that this remarkable book was so well written that it wove a singular event with an ensemble cast of character so that I was able to fully understand the difficulties facing the young country of Israel as they chased down the infamous Adolf Eichman.

This is historical fiction at its' best - true to all the details of what happened but written in a manner that we can feel a part of the story. I will certainly look into the other books written by this author.