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Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice - KJ Colt Those who have read the first two books in this series (Concealed Power and Blood Healing) will be a bit surprised by this book. Ms Colt has shifted the focus from developing a fantasy world, various lands and people, and a myriad of characters. The well developed and highly intriguing storyline now turns inward to focus on Adenine.

There is no question that Adenine is the heroine of this four part series (more on that later). Personally, Ms Colt has dissected Adenine into many facets. Each is well developed and crafted into a storyline that meanders (purposefully) as each different character trait is explored. What the reader is left with is a great understanding and awareness of Adenine. The final chapters of the book start the conclusion of this remarkable adventure. I rate this at 4.5 stars and recommend to every reader irrespective of their opinion of the fantasy genre. I am not a person that seeks out fantasy stories but was enthralled by winning a free copy of Concealed Power.

I mentioned earlier that the next book in the series is the alleged finale. If you read the author's blog, she says this is the final installment in the quartet. But, she does leave an opening that she may do more if you, her fans, want more. Consider this an informal petition for each of you to plead for more in the series.