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Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob - William Landay I had never heard of this author when I got the book to read. I am always ready to try someone new in the hopes of discovering a new author. I was absolutely mesmerized by this book. Yes the story is a bit dark but that is intentional.

I enjoyed the format of the book where actual transcripts are woven into the story. The author utilized his experience as an ADA to craft the legal aspects of this story - and does it well.

I was completely engrossed in the characters and their interaction. This is very important since the ending would be difficult to truly grasp without being thoroughly involved in this story. I gave the book to my wife and she had the same opinion. We are now reading other books by him.

Mr. Landay is another example of a person who has successfully left a solid career behind to become an author. I look forward to his future offerings and recommend this book to everyone.