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Natchez Burning

Natchez Burning - Greg Iles I have read every book written by Mr Iles. Both my wife and I are avid fans so we could not wait to pick up this book. This epic novel has an interesting and valuable premise for a historical fiction novel. If he had stayed true to the premise, this book would have been half the length. The author gets mired down in repetitive passages and seemingly gratuitous happenings. To top that off, portions of the story like who may have killed JFK and MLK are far-fetched. There are numerous side stories that could have been written that would have added lustre to the story. Those side stories are probably the bases for the follow on two installments of the trilogy. I will give Mr. Iles another chance - but I will wait for a library edition.

I have been to Natchez and Mississippi and have experienced a friendly society on all occasions. Maybe I am a it naive being a westerner, but I don't think the author is doing any favors for the reputation of the town and state.