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Blood Healing

Blood Healing - K.J. Colt I read the first book in the series, Concealed Power, and was impressed enough to then read Blood Healing. I am not really a fantasy genre reader because I don't care for all the magic and spells that are rife in the fantasy books I have read. However, K.J. Colt has really made me reconsider this genre.

Ms Colt has written a very well crafted story with excellent strong characters. I am personally extremely impressed with the writing style. This book is a definite 5 star story set in an an alternate reality. The fantasy genre allows the author to incorporate some really interesting aspects to the story. In truth, the underlying story could be written into many genres and still be wildly entertaining.

I read the author's website in which she says that she want to be the best writer she can be. My opinion is that she has already reached a level that would allow he to keep writing without apologizing for anything. I consider her writing to be equal to and better than many mainstream authors.

This series of books is so well written that I feel very comfortable recommending this author to everyone. Give Ms. Colt a trial and you will fall under her spell. (Yes, that is my homage to the fantasy genre.)