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No Hard Feelings (A Kate Stanton Mystery)

No Hard Feelings (A Kate Stanton Mystery) - Marta Tandori I read Too Little - Too Late before reading this installment of the series and I am glad I did as I benefited tremendously.

There are a lot of characters so the relationships take some time to learn. The characters are well written and generally all have a positive impact on the story. It is best to take your time reading the story as there are a few nuances and it can be easy to think you are reading about a character when the story has shifted to another.

This story is a natural follow-on to Too Little - Too Late with the same character set and family relationships. It is equally enjoyable.

This is the third book I have read by this author and have enjoyed them all. Marta Tandori has great talent and I hope that she continues writing. I particularly enjoyed Continuance which was the first book I read by this talented author.