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Lumpini Park (Abby Kane FBI Thriller, #4)

Lumpini Park (Abby Kane FBI Thriller, #4) - Ty Hutchinson I have read everything Ty has published for the simple reason that he writes engrossing stories. The stories and characters have much more than just a single dimension which, in my case, makes me want to keep reading. In fact, I read Lumpini Park in two evenings and lost some sleep over it.

I liked that the setting for this book was in Bangkok. The author was able to convey the seedy nature of that town and its' underbelly. Having been in the far eat in my younger years, I can say that what Ty has written is real.

A warning of sorts: Ty has crafted this book in a way that will "get you" at the end and ensure that you read the final book in the series. I know that I am now anxiously awaiting the next in the series. First Darby and now Abby. I wonder where the future will lead this fine author.

I have a pet peeve relating to the rating choices on most review sites. I like how LibraryThjing has the ability to rate 1/2 stars. In this book, I really liked it and would rate it 4.5 stars. Perhaps there are people that don't want to give the full 5 stars so the authors end up with a lower rating. It would be nice if Shelfari (my personal favorite), Goodreads, and Amazon allowed a 1/2 star rating regimen.

In summary, if you aren't reading Ty Hutchinson, you need to start now!