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The Arbiter Project

The Arbiter Project - Marek Storm I read this book as three separate ebooks. Evidently the stories were initially in a blog from the author setting the scene for a series of follow on books commencing with ION. In essence, the Arbiter Project is the prequel for his future books. Since I read this before I read ION, I found it to be well worth my time and effort.

The story is well written and interesting. There is a mix of horror, thriller, paranormal, and romance that melds nicely with the sci-fi theme. I will endeavor to read ION and expect that it will be interesting.

Even though this is a good book, it could have benefited from some better proof reading. I was befuddled by how the author uses the word "went" when it should have been "gone". It happened so often that it broke my reading rhythm.