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The Strega and the Dreamer

The Strega and the Dreamer - Theresa C. Dintino This is the story of a woman (the Strega) and her husband (the dreamer) as they leave Italy in the end of the 19th century and try to make a better life in America. Yes, a lot of stories have been written about Italian immigration. Even though you may have read other similar themed books, I urge you to give this book a chance.

I found this book to be a wonderful expose' on the emotions of a husband and wife as they separately make this transition. I enjoyed how the husband made the trip to America and underwent difficulties in earning and saving enough money to send for his wife and child. However, the strength of this book is the Strega which I had no real knowledge. She is the true star of the book as we learn about her life to become a Strega (a cross between a midwife and a nurse practitioner). We watch her, through flashbacks, go through the training to accept a special calling to her trade. We then watch her life over eight years as she waits for her husband to call her to America.

The lives of each are very well conveyed by the author. I enjoyed this book very much but felt some parts were a bit overwritten. The ending was a bit abrupt and left a few sub items unresolved. Overall, a very good chick lit book for everyone.