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Sudden Death

Sudden Death - Michael Balkind I don't remember a book with such a wide disparity in reviews in quite awhile. I am amazed that readers find fault with a fictional character to the point they allow it to ruin the book for them. It is true that Reid Clark is not someone that most people would care about, the truth is that the story is dependent on him for its' success.

I agree that Reid is a convoluted character. He goes from the big Bad Boy of Golf to a great guy that the entire touring members of the PGA seem to all of a sudden become his biggest fans. I never really felt that the twists and turns in the story were believable. The more I think about the story, the less I like it. While reading the story, I thought it was generally entertaining - now not so much. The author was able to take a rather weak storyline and fool me into enjoying it while reading. Shame on me for not realizing that until writing this review.