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the Diplomat

the Diplomat - Ethan Jones I was fortunate to receive an ARC of the Diplomat in the hopes that I would post an honest review. I have read everything that the author has published so I was happy to get a jump on this novella.

Ethan Jones writes special operations novels starring Justin Hall of the Canadian Intelligence Series. His novels are well crafted with the depth necessary for the adventure/thriller genre. I was a bit concerned when he announced that he was writing a Justin Hall novella. Ethan ran several risks in writing a novella. Would the story seem rushed? Would it be a bit trite for the genre? Would he be able to establish the pace of the longer books? Would a reader new to the series be able to associate with the characters?

Fortunately for readers, especially his fans, Ethan was successful on all points. The one thought that I had while reading this story, was that Ethan is clearly showing his journeyman status as an author. One of my all time favorite authors is Daniel Silva who writes a similar genre of books that have the Mossad as the intelligence service. I have read all his books and froth at the mouth when Mr. Silva publishes a new novel. I bring up Daniel Silva because Ethan Jones matches up well with him. I enjoy them both almost equally as well.

I know that I gave no background of the storyline. That was by design as I am sure other reviewers will do that. I felt it was more important to address the quality of the writing to aid new and existing readers in deciding to shell out a few dollars for this worthwhile novella. Highly recommended.