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African Revenge

African Revenge - Andrew McCoy Initially, this book seemed to be about a group of people on a crocodile hunt along a river in Africa. In truth, that hunt while interesting, is merely the backdrop to the story. The real focus, and strength, of this story is the relationships between the white, the blacks, and the different tribes. I found the interrelations between these societal elements to be fascinating. I learned about African cultures at a grass rot level.

I sometime gauge my rating of a book based loosely on how much of the story I gloss or skim over. I must admit that I read each and every word of this book. This is not a feel good book since it is a bit bloody. Even though there is a great story of the people, the action-adventure portions of the hunt are well written.

I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I honestly recommend this book to everyone. You will read about a great story that you may have no awareness.