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The Sister

The Sister - Max China I may get some pushback from the 4 and 5 star reviewers. Yes, the author has crafted an in-depth multi-genre novel. I am amazed how well the story is woven through so many characters and so many years. The author is to be complimented for keeping it all straight.

However, the complexity of the story was also its' downfall for me. This is a complex novel that requires the reader to really concentrate on the who, what, where, and why. For a novel of such length, that is not easily done. This is not a read for awhile, put down, and pick up novel. You really need to keep at it and take your time recognizing that it is important to concentrate on the characters and storyline. That decreased the enjoyment for me.

If you are someone that can dedicate the time and energy to a well crafted tome, this may be a good endeavor for you. The ending wraps up all bits of the story except for the serial killer so there is the potential for a sequel.