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Collapse - Richard Stephenson The good about the book:
The cast of characters are well developed.
Each major character has an individual sub story and plot.
The sub stories are each interesting and are essentially a good short story.
The sub stories come together seamlessly into a sort of climax.
The book is well written, interesting, and gripping.

The bad about the book and reason why my rating is 4.5 stars.
There is no ending befitting the sub stories. This book is a "To be continued" serial novel. That is normally OK to me if the central cast of characters remain but a different story unfolds. In this case, I assume the central characters will continue but the original story has no ending. This book should have been 1,000 pages or what ever is necessary to complete the story. Of course the author wants to make some money - and he will. I only shell out my hard earned cash for seriously good reads. This is one of those. I just felt let down and am hungry for the Paul Harvey (the rest of the story).