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Grits and Glory (Plantation Shadows #1)

Grits and Glory (Plantation Shadows #1) - Haley Whitehall The story initially had promise for me. A story about the Civil War, in which over 600,000 people were killed, needs to be about the horrors of war with a story written into that, or the war as a distant backdrop. This book tries to weave a story of the battles into a story about a young progressive southerner as he manages to run away from battles and take the easy way out. Bot the most interesting story to me. The story then took a turn into a saga about the previously battleshy soldier becoming a full blown martyr for his honor. I found it a bit trite.

My review is not to say that the author is a poor writer. Actually, minus some poor proof reading, the story flows well and the characters do come to life somewhat. If you are a romantic and a person of faith, you will no doubt enjoy this book.