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Mark One

Mark One - John  Hindmarsh I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

One of my greatest joys from primarily reading indie authors is that I come across gems like Mark One by an author completely unknown to me.

Mark One is the first in a series about Mark Midway. A brief synopsis from the author is "an underlying theme of the Midway stories is basically a guy is genetically designed/engineered for a particular purpose and yet all he wants is a normal life - and the fates thwart him at every turn. So his friends get killed, or he gets kidnapped, etc. "

The story is credible and fast paced. It kept me fully enthused and captivated. As hypnotic as the story is, the character set the author develops is on the same plane. I found myself almost bonding with the characters including the dog Betsy. Mark One will be followed up by ............drum roll ................ Mark Two in 2014. Because of the manner in which Mark One ended, I was thankful that The first few chapters of Mark Two were included at the end of Mark One. I can tell you that the ending was well explained. The writing continues to be engrossing.

I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone that reads for pleasure. They should be pleasantly satisfied. I don't know why the first reviewer of this book only rated 3 stars. Go to Amazon where the first eight reviews have all been 5 stars.