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The Dante Connection

The Dante Connection - Estelle Ryan I received this book for an honest review.

This review is a bit tricky to write creatively because I loved every aspect of the book. I have not read the first in the series and I wish that I had so that I already had a handle on the characters. There were a number of references to an earlier experience of the characters. Having said that, the characters are what makes this an exceptionally well written story. I really believe that I would recognize any one of them if I walked into a room and they were there. Their personalities and descriptions were just simply that well written, developed, and interesting. Of course, no discussion about the characters is complete without Dr. Genevieve Lenard. I have never read a more complex and terrific character. She is an amazingly intriguing person that I simply find insatiable. I must read the other two, and upcoming, third story about her. As a functionally competent autistic character, she brings a depth to the story that is unexpected. There is a lot of dark humor surrounding her character.

The storyline is equal to the quality of the characters. It is complex as a mystery thriller with some humor thrown in. I was mesmerized by the progression of the plot. I highly recommend this book to absolutely everyone with any interest in mysteries or thrillers. It is simply that good. I loved it!