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Divine Fury

Divine Fury - Robert B. Lowe I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

This is my first Enzo Lee thriller. I was initially a bit confused by the number of characters introduced in a rather short period of time. After awhile the theme and characters settled down and I had the plot well in hand. So, if you start reading this book, don't despair if it is confusing for awhile.

This story is about an openly gay politician winning the Democratic Party primary and running against a conservative in the general election. There are only a few states where this is possible. In this case, the candidate is from the ultra liberal Bay Area of California. When you have a very left candidate, you should expect the plot to center around an ultra right opposition - and you would, be correct.

I found the story to be clever and enjoyable. I rather enjoyed the story. So, you want to know what happens in this thriller. Well, let me tell you that you simply have to buy the book to find out. No matter your opinion of sexual orientation, you will not be offended.