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Exile Hunter

Exile Hunter - Preston Fleming Full disclosure: I received this book free from the author for an honest and unbiased review so here goes.

I have read all three of the Kamas Trilogy books. Other reviewers will certainly summarize the story for you so I will pass on that. What I want to address is one of the things I use to rate a book. I feel that the development of characters is central to how much I enjoy reading. Mr. Fleming is first rate on this score. If I were an artist, I feel that I would be able to draw portraits of every character with a speaking part. Even though there are easily more than a dozen characters that contribute to the story, I felt each was developed to the point that even their personality was manifest.

The underlying storyline is really rather uncomplicated and straightforward. What makes this book so exceptional (true for the entire series) are the underlying sub-stories interwoven throughout the primary plot line. We have the opportunity to experience many of the experiences of the characters as the story unfolds.

This author has the ability to write fairly long books (400 pages) and keep them interesting throughout. I will now read the Beirut series to continue reading this fine author. I urge all of you reading this review to seek out the Kamas Trilogy.