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Let Me Go

Let Me Go - Chelsea Cain Archie is back for another thriller involving Gretchen Lowell. I have read all of Chelsea Cain's Archie/Gretchen novels and raised my family in Portland Oregon so I am very familiar with the physical settings.

I have really enjoyed all of her previous novels and was ecstatic to find that the next installment was available at my library. Unfortunately, this novel doesn't have the same intensity as the others. Yes, Ms. Cain can write a good story. However, this one was a bit trite. At some point the reader has to realize that Gretchen Lowell is not s super villian. Yes she is a sadistic serial killer as evidenced in the other novels. She is not an escape artist or a world class computer hacker that can hack a car's computer system so that she can control it from her smartphone. This part of the story was very amateurish to me.

I will read her next novel in the hope that it will be more like the first four. My rating is 3.5 stars for this attempt.