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Russian Hill

Russian Hill  - Ty Hutchinson The petite Chinese FBI agent Abby Kane is back for another entertaining mystery. That is a very good thing for us and a reason for those unfamiliar with Ty Hutchinson to get on board reading this fine author.

Russian Hill refers to a San Francisco neighborhood. Most of this story takes place in Chinatown where Abby and a SFPD detective team up to solve an apparent series of serial killer murders. I particularly enjoy the continuous action whether it be on the job or at home with her kids and Po Po. Even the normally mundane events of home life are entertaining.

Ty has crafted a character that the reader will fully understand and care about. She is not the invincible physically super woman of so many heroines. Abby is a woman that uses her fine mind to transcend her physical limitations. She is, however, the mental equal (or more) of the men that surround her.

What is really great about this book is a two-fer. I mentioned the serial killer theme. That takes about two thirds of the story and is a great stand alone yarn. Once solved, Abby (and only Abby) realizes that there is a subplot. I won't create a spoiler so you will have to read this excellent book to find out.

My recommendation is to get some good green oolong tea, and few rice cakes, and sit back and start reading.