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Stonecypher Road

Stonecypher Road - Warren Longwell, Nancy Longwell I read a number of reviews on this book and I simply do not agree with most of them.
Some reviewers down rated this book calling it another Da Vinci code clone. It is true that there is mention of the Knights of Templar and the holy Grail. However there is no subterfuge regarding the Catholic Church. There is a mystery but not directed at the Catholic religion.

Others complained about the lengthy passages about Ida Jo's mother as being superfluous. I think that relationship between Morris, Ida Jo and her mother added to the strength of the story.

A number of the reviewers felt that there was minimal character development. I most strongly disagree. I felt the characters of Morris and Ida Jo, as well as their relationship, were well crafted. I thoroughly enjoyed the repartee between them. Their dark humor was enjoyable and kept me interested.

I agree the ending was abrupt. Short and sweet and spot on - unfortunately. There is a major message that, even though this is a book of fiction, we need to listen to.