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Postmortem - Patricia Cornwell My first read of a Patricia Cornwell mystery. I must say that I have read all the Kathy Reichs books and the Kay Scarpetta character does not compare to the one in the Reichs series. So, if you are looking for scientific forensic pathology, you should pass on the Kay Scarpetta character books.
I was a bit let down with this book probably because it was her first Scarpetta work. I did not get a real good feel for her character. I expected that there would be a person that she worked with in some sort of lab or police job. I was rewarded with Pete Marino, whom I also failed to get into. So, this book, with a decent plot, was left wanting for good character development.
Since Ms Cornwell is now an established writer of note, I am planning on reading the entire series in the hope that I enjoy them more as I get further into the series. Thankfully my library is big on interbranch loans and I will be able to borrow all the books.