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The Anvil of the Craftsman

The Anvil of the Craftsman - Dale Amidei I got about halfway through the book and decided that it was not worth finishing. I was surprised because I don't download any ebooks with a rating less than 4.7 stars. I read some of the reviews and decided that maybe I was not giving the book a fair chance, so I picked it back up.

For me, there are two stories in this book with a message that creates a third point to the story. The first is the diplomatic mission to Iraq. I found this part to be very boring including the characters. I did not find those characters to be developed or interesting. The second centers on a Rambo type special forces named Kameldorn. I found those portions of the book to be much more interesting and entertaining. It may not be fair to compare a story about diplomacy to a story containing action. It is just that there is such a diametric difference in the stories.