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Blood Ties

Blood Ties - J.D. Nixon I had no idea that this free book (the first in a series) would be so memorable. Many others had commented on the Hatfield/McCoy like storyline so I will not rehash except to say that there are a huge multi-generation family of Bycrafts that are firmly set on ending the Fuller line which now consists of only one - Tess.

I was immediately engrossed in the writing style. There is a real life quality to the writing. There is always something happening so you will not be bored with the storyline. The characters, which you will certainly develop your own visual image, are so vivid and compelling. The story has a logical flow of events that keep the reader involved in the story.

I kept trying to figure out the location of the story. After a while it became obvious that Australia is the place. I enjoyed reading the slang found in Australian English as that added to my enjoyment.

Here is the rub - you will enjoy this story so much that you will want to buy the others in the series to see what happens to Tess and Finn as well as to see what happens to Red whom you will hate. Highly recommend to all that can handle a bit of racy language and bedroom happenings.