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Portrait of a Spy

Portrait of a Spy - Daniel Silva It has been a long time since I have read Daniel Silva's thrillers. So I picked this up at the library and promptly kicked myself for not getting back to him earlier.

I believe that Daniel Silva is one of the intrigue genre's star authors. He is able to craft a complex story line using well established characters and not have it get old. Each book I read of his, I wonder how Gabriel Allon will get pulled back into working for the Office.

This book is all about the muslim world and how terror is a common thread in that world. Mr. Silva is able to craft a riveting with just enough complexity to make it almost impossible to put down.

I highly recommend this, and all in the series, as must reads for those who enjoy international intrigue. Mr. Silva takes the hardship of the Israeli's who live in the toughest neighborhood in the world, and creates fabulous stories.