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The Mountain Place of Knowledge

The Mountain Place of Knowledge - Marshall Chamberlain I received a PDF of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. It was a bit frustrating to read on my NOOK. An ePub or mobi file would have been better.

Right off the bat I thought I had made a mistake in agreeing to read this book. I do not ever read fantasy books and chapter one was certainly in that genre. I was relieved when continued reading was not fantasy. Well, not completely that is. Yes the storyline is wound around a fantasy world and alien encounters in the distant past. However, the story is a weave of competing forces. There is intrigue and mystery and enough action to keep me interested.

There was one major flaw that I noticed in my reading. Conversations amongst various people were sometimes confusing because there was no separation or delineation of who was speaking. It may be that this was a result of the PDF formatting.

I was a disappointed in the ending - until I read the Excerpt from book 2 in the series. I didn't realize that this was a serial story. Once I realized that the ending was just setting up the sequel, I raised my rating. I do want to read the sequel.