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Honolulu - Alan Brennert I picked up this book because of the author's first book, the excellent Molokai. I truly enjoyed that book, and since I was raised in Hawaii, I sought out Honolulu.

Honolulu is a fine example of a tragic historical fiction novel. I did find myself occasionally sipping over various part f the book because I was not interested in the specific parts of the story. Some of the times I found myself skipping over parts due to my familiarity with the history of Honolulu and Hawaii. The book was well crafted and the characters all well developed. I could easily "see" the characters and locales in my mind.

This book has great history of Korea and Hawaii, wonderful facets of different life occurrences, numerous lows, and some highs. I found myself tearing up as I read the positive ending of the book. Highly recommended along with Molokai. Now I need to see if the author has written any more books.