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Cross Bones

Cross Bones - Kathy Reichs 4 1/2 stars!

I found this book to be Ms. Reichs' best to date. It is true that the premise of the storyline is not new. There have been many books written on the possibility that Jesus did not resurrect. What is different is that this book tackles the premise from a forensic perspective. Also different is that the author does not delve into the actual premise so the faithful religious need not be put off. Feel free to read this great novel without fear of your beliefs being besmirched.

The story flowed well and I found it to be difficult to put down. Ms Reichs brings out her dry wit and humor throughout the book which is somewhat necessary given the somber topic of her forensic study of death.

I was particularly happy that there were no best friend or sister Harry distractions. Yes Ryan was omnipresent but that relationship is more a vehicle for frivolity and lightening of the subject matter.

A great and highly recommended book.