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Monday Mourning

Monday Mourning - Kathy Reichs Since I have found myself losing interest in Kathy Reichs novels and common storylines, I thought that I should write this review as I was actually reading the novel. I normally complete her books in three sittings so the review should be "fresh". For clarification, I am reading the Tempe Brennan books in the order they were written.

Monday Mourning starts out grabbing my interest much in the same way as Deja Dead did. There is an unexpected mystery that unfolds immediately. I am even able to almost feel the coldness of mid-winter in Montreal because of the succinct writing. However, I don't like how the author seems to always bring in a relative or friend that adds nothing to the story except to pad the length of the novel. In the last novels, Tempe's sister Harry played a prominent interruptive role and this time it is her best friend Anne.

I just completed the second sitting with this book. Not much to add to the previous part of the review. I must say that I am not bothered so far by Anne and her involvement in the book. I continue to enjoy the forensic aspect of this book and the personalities Ms. Reichs has for her characters. So far, this is my favorite read since Deja Dead.

Didn't quite finish the book yesterday but I can see where it is going. Ms. Reichs has written a much better mystery this time around. There are a couple of twists that have kept it fluid.

The ending kept pace with the rest of the book. I enjoyed this book and am glad the storyline improved. The author manages to keep her personal style in each of her novels. This alone make her worth reading.