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Star Chamber Brotherhood

Star Chamber Brotherhood - Preston Fleming The story of the failure of the American way of life is not new. My first was White Lotus by Hersey over 35 years ago. That was a more intriguing look at what life could be like here after the failure of our society.

However, this novel by Preston Fleming should not be missed or minimalized. I previously read 40 Days at Kamas and I feel it important to read that prequel before the Star Chamber Brotherhood. The despair experienced in 40 Days at Kamas goes a long way in understanding the premise for this novel.

Mr Fleming crafts a fine story. He is a bit wordy and repetitive which, for me, detracted from the flow of the story. I found myself skipping over sections of the story that I thought to be extraneous.

I really felt the breath of the characters. The characters were what kept me intrigued. I actually enjoyed this book more than Kamas because it had more direction and a specific storyline. Kamas was far more philosophical leaving the take away up to the personal beliefs of the reader. I am not really sure of the intended point of the author. For me, I see the power in Washington D.C. escalating and mirroring the personal agenda of the incumbent president. With the probable demise of the republican party, we will have a single party in charge. Whatever your personal political leaning, beware of the misuse of the power of government and the impact on your life.

My apologies for my digression. The Star Chamber Brotherhood is a good read. I think that Mr Fleming's books are not quick fluffy reads. You will need to take your time to fully grasp the story but it is worth it. I eagerly await the final installment of this trilogy.