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Day Of Confession

Day Of Confession - Allan Folsom This was my first time reading Allan Folsom so I had no previous exposure to him or reviews by others. When I started to write this review at Amazon, I was very surprised to see that the reviews were almost evenly spaced on each of the five star ratings. I found myself questioning how to write a fair review but here goes.

I found the story to be interesting right from the start but then I enjoy stories about the sins of the Catholic church. I found the book to be a page turner. I really did not want to put it down but its length of 556 interesting pages caused me to read it in four sittings. I think there were a couple of minor items that were weak but they did not adversely affect the intrigue of the book.

There were a great many characters. I thought that I might have a hard time keeping them straight. However, the author did a good job of i9dentifying where the story was happening and did not jump back and forth between characters needlessly. I am rating this book a 4 star read because of the characters. Even though the story was well written, I did not think the characters were well developed. They were just not characters with which I could identify.

I do recommend this book. If you are not liking the book by page 100, you probably try something else.