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The Night Season

The Night Season - Chelsea Cain I thought that Chelsea Cain's series was called the Archie-Gretchen series. So what happened to Gretchen. She is totally missing in this book. Such a let down since the love-hate thing is so good.

This book is the fourth in the Archie-Susan series. I have read them all and the first was clearly the best. This book is no slouch though. Ms. Cain's writing style continues to enthrall me and I remain a fan. Sadly, there is only one more of her books to read.

As a former lengthy Portland Oregon resident, I was able to identify with the Portlandia she writes about. She does a good job of portraying the city and the residents. She does however make Portland sound a bit naive - yes Portland is idealistic.

The story is well written and should keep the reader interested. Ms. Cain has crafted a set of primary characters that are sufficiently interesting, with their relationships, to serve readers for many more books. The story lines are sufficiently complex to make you want to keep reading.

Ms. Cain has a good imagination and lays out the stories well. I am a fan.