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Corktown - Ty Hutchinson At first I was a tad disappointed that this novel was not about Darby and his adventurous exploits. It did not take me very long to realize that Ty's writing style is alive and well in Corktown.

I was immediately drawn into this story of a demure Chinese FBI agent as she goes to Michigan to help the locals solve a series of murders. Ty has again crafted a character that warrants his style. I enjoy that Abby is tough, has a great sense of humor, is a bit raunchy at times, and can carry the load of keeping the reader engrossed.

The storyline is fluid and kept me fully involved. It is a different type of murder mystery in that we find out who the murderer is mid way through the novel. The story is about how Abby goes about deducing and solving the murders.

The characters are fully developed and I was able to visualize their individual traits. I could almost feel them as the story unfolded.

I highly recommend that you buy this, and for that matter, all of Ty Hutchinson's work - you will not be disappointed.