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Spandau Phoenix

Spandau Phoenix - Greg Iles Having just finished reading Black Cross by Geg Iles, I hopped onto this follow up. I prefer his more current novels in terms of storyline. However, I was really drawn into the premise of this book. The historical fiction aspect of what may have happened if Rudolf Hess was never in Spandau prison caught me off guard.

This novel, even though it was slow developing and contained too many characters, was very intriguing and well crafted. After completing the book, I had to really think about how easy it would have been for the story to actually be true. That, to me, is the mark of an excellent writer. I consider Greg Iles to be my favorite author.

The characters all came to life. Even though there were many characters, and I had a bit of trouble keeping them straight, Mr. Iles made everyone of them relevant to the story.

A very good story.