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Tripoli's Target

Tripoli's Target - Ethan Jones Ethan Jones has followed up his fine debut novel, Arctic Wargames, with this sequel. He has crafted a more concise action packed thriller. In this sequel, the primary characters demonstrate an internationally adept investigation service embroiled in turmoil in the middle east.

The storyline is well developed, interesting, flows well from scene to scene, and does not bog down. I was intrigued at every level while I read this novel. It was really difficult to put it down when life's responsibilities got in the way of reading this book.

I don't offer a synopsis of the novel in my reviews. Others will feel that need. I feel it is more important to discuss the writing style, character development, skill of the author, etc. To that end, Mr. Jones has shown himself to be a first rate author. Remember that this is only his second novel when you read it. I hope that you will be as impressed as I am.

I don't know how a married lawyer has the time to run a very active blog, write short stories, and novels and have time to breathe. Support this fine author and buy this novel.