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Loco Moco

Loco Moco - Ty Hutchinson I have now followed Darby through three absurd phases of his life. These phases have been penned by a talented author who continues to provide me with hours of enjoyable reading.

Loco Moco (a Hawaiian staple fast food) id not as crazy as the previous books. In this installment, Darby and his life is a bit more normal - at least as much as can be if you are Darby. These books are tongue in cheek and the plot always has some twists. In this book, I did not suspect the "evil" character and was surprised. Ty did a good job with the inter relationships of the characters. He also did a fairly good job of writing in pidgin which is no small feat. Oral pidgin doesn't translate to the written page well no matter the author.

I look forward to the next installment. Now that Darby's nemesis has been promoted to a heavy hitter, I see a lot of office shenanigans coming.

Keep it coming TY and thanks for the help you have given Ethan Jones.