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The Wardens of Punyu

The Wardens of Punyu - D.L. Kung I struggle with reviewing this book. My struggle is whether to rate based on the storyline or the quality of writing. More on that later.

The storyline is morose and compelling. I have no doubt that the subject matter is accurate and indicative of what goes on behind the red curtain. From that perspective, this is a compelling story that we should all have the opportunity to read. Global reality is sometimes very hard to accept.

The writing is obviously done by someone for which English is a second language. The author's English language skills are pretty good but that makes it all the more difficult to read a sentence when the syntax goes awry or extra words are inserted. I found myself re-reading sentences over and over trying to find the point. Sometimes I failed and had to read on. In addition, the author repeats storyline items over and over as if he is trying to remind the reader of the instant point he wishes to make. I found this redundance bothersome.

I compromised my rating as a 4 for the storyline and a 3 for the writing style for an average of 3.5. Since I think the story is important for everyone to be aware of, I rounded the rating up to a 4 (except on Librarything where I can give half star ratings.)