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The Shekinah Legacy

The Shekinah Legacy - Gary Lindberg When I was about a third of the way through the book, I thought it was a 5 star rated book and would qualify as one of my favorites. That slowly changed as the story delved into an alternate explanation of what really happened to Jesus. I believe in the western story of Jesus so I was not drawn in by the direction of the story. (I am trying to not include a spoiler in this review so that is the best I could say.)

That being said, I do think this book is a very fine debut novel. It is fast paced with many twists and turns. The characters, of which there are many, are believable and interesting. The writing style should appeal to readers of many different genres.

I will indeed read more books by this fine author and suggest that you read this one as well. The premise is well thought out and researched. Give this author a try. This is not a religious story but it is a book based upon biblical history.