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The Price

The Price - Joseph Garraty I received this book as a freebie in exchange for reviews. This book is a fantasy story set within the Boston mafia world. I normally do not read fantasy books. Neither of these items play a part in my honest review.

This book is simply about a Boston mob-wizard. Sounded like an odd plot to me when I realized quite early on that was the subject. I thought - get real and Are you kidding me? I was very surprised that the story actually works and works very well.

The book is a polished novel even though I don't care for the genre. The author has managed good proofreading and editing. I cannot think of a single instance where I thought there was anything lazy or unprofessional in the story. It has been some time since I have been able to say that.

The characters ALL came to life quickly for me. The story is fast paced, interesting and entertaining. In reality, the quality of writing actually had me believing the magic was real (ok - maybe not completely). Since I am not a magic fan, that is praise for the skill of the author.

I heartily recommend this book to just about anyone, If you are very religious, maybe you should look somewhere else. If you have sensitive ears when if comes to colorful language, read something else. (What, you were expecting clean prose in a Boston mob book? Didn't you see the Sopranos?) Seriously, this is a well written and entertaining book. Before you fuggedaboutit, pick up a copy and have a good read!