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Greek Fire (The Unwilling Slueth)

Greek Fire (The Unwilling Slueth) - Gabe Penn, Glendon Haddix, Black Labs Ltd My apologies to other reviewers on another site but one star reviews are not warranted. A one star review means that you hated the book which is not a fair rating for this book.

The author has a good plot for a story. I do agree that it is in need of a great deal of proofreading. There are far too many wrong word choices, tense errors, misspellings that negatively impact the flow of the book. Yes it does get muddled at times and sometimes it is hard to determine if you are in the US or England.

The writing style is redundant and stilted in the delivery. I think the author has talent but needs to be developed.

Overall I like the story and characters. Mr Penn appears to be getting writing pointers from William Estmann who is an author with good wriitng skills. Maybe the author will re-release after fixing the errors.