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Bacterium - Nathan Pennington I was engrossed in this book from the first chapter. The premise is that a crazed microbiologist develops a absolutely deadly virus with flesh eating bacteria attached so that he can take over the world is certainly not mainstream. However, the story is well crafted, characters are believable, and flows very well. The storyline is detailed and clever with a surprising ending. I recommend this highly.

I have seen a number of negative reviews of this book. Those reviews were primarily negative due to disdain for the subject matter or technical issues with the book - they do not accurately reflect the quality of the writing or the actual story.

There are indeed many problems with the wrong word being used, wrong punctuation, spelling issues, etc. These issues do have a bit of a negative impact on the story. I personally feel that the author may have used a speech recognition program and then relied on a spellchecker rather than incur the cost of editing.