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Dictator's Ransom

Dictator's Ransom - Richard Marcinko, Jim DeFelice This was the first book I have read in the Rogue Warrior series by Richard Marcinko. I was not prepared for the different approach to writing by this author.

The story is written in the first person. Even though it is fiction, the story seems very real. After reading about the author's past real life exploits, I realized that the author has actually experienced the reality he was writing about. I doubt that the author has ever actually been involved with the North Korean leaders, l have no doubt that the action in the book is something that he has experienced. This makes the book seem very real.

Another thing that surprised me was the frequent use of dry humor. I enjoyed the light hearted aspects of the story both in the prose and in the footnotes.

I did not find the characters to be compelling but then, this is a pure action story.
I will read more of this series of books