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Online - Seth Blackburn I have mixed opinions on this book/author.
The strong points of this book are:
Characters and their development - I actually formed opinions of their personalities and some of their physical attributes. It was easy to continue the flow having such a good handle on the characters.
The plot was credible (at least for the first 80% of the book). I enjoyed the unraveling of the story as it grew. Plausible and interesting.
The writing style was fluid and interesting. There was never too mush attention placed on the boring or needless details.
I felt a keen interest in picking up the book and sneaking in a few more minutes of reading when I should have been doing work around the house.
The bottom thee is that the book is recommended for these reasons.

The reasons why I down rated the book are:
I thought the supernatural Tron like part of the book to be far fetched and implausible. This book is far more than a supernatural YA novel. Perhaps it would have been more plausible if the entire book was about blue electrical lightning, stretching monitor screens, etc.
This book deserves an XXX rating for the graphic sex scenes. Yes the scenes are important to establish the bond between Alexa and Brendan but it could have been done in a less graphic manner. I am not a prude but the scenes did not seem to fit in well with the rest of the story. The scenes were done well and the author would probably write a good adult novel.